Pricing that matches your needs

Using tt-mail, you only have to pay for the emails you send – not for hosting your contacts.

This means you can scale your pricing up and down depending on the campaigns you run.

See how much a year’s worth of emails to your supporters would cost on our calculator:


n.b. If you usually send 5 email campaigns to 1,000 people, type “5,000”. The calculator shows the cost for an annual contract.

The best support for charities

Our support team has years of experience working in the charity sector.

We’ll get you up and running on the platform for free, but we’re also happy to give you as much extra support as you need beyond that:


  • Free support during setup
  • Overview training during setup
  • Surgeries available at additional cost
  • Templates available at additional cost
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  • Free support during setup
  • 30 mins support per month
  • One training session
  • Two surgeries with an email marketing specialist
  • One bespoke, responsive template
  • One signup/preference centre form
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  • Free support during setup
  • 60 mins support per month
  • Three training sessions
  • Three surgeries with an email marketing specialist
  • Two bespoke, responsive templates
  • One signup/preference centre form or landing page
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  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Four surgeries with an email marketing specialist
  • Three bespoke, responsive templates
  • One signup/preference centre form
  • Three landing pages
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“We have been delighted with tt-mail. The system has replaced one that we had been using for over a decade and the switch has been really easy and painless.”

– Jo Johnson, London Symphony Orchestra

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you charge me for adding subscribers into my account?

No. As opposed to some other email platforms, you only have to pay for the emails that you send out through tt-mail – not for hosting your contact data.

What payment options are available?

You can pay either by Direct Debit of BACS payment. If you go monthly, the easiest option is to set up a Direct Debit, in which case you’re only charged at the end of the month based on the number of emails you’ve sent. If you choose an annual contract, you would pay upfront.

How can I get a discount?

If you know send regular emails and so know roughly how many you will send this year, you can get a 15% discount by purchasing those emails in advance (minimum 60,000 emails per annum).

Can I sign up today and send campaigns at a later date?

Yes. Because you only pay for the emails you send, it doesn’t cost you anything to set up a tt-mail account and get your templates and contacts ready to go.

Do I have to pay extra for send-time optimisation, spam checkers, signup forms or subject-line split-testing?

No. They all come included in the platform, along with a host of other useful features that help clients get the most out of their campaigns.

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